Gerd Müller

Gerd Müller was born in Nördlingen, Germany on Nov. 3, 1945. Although having retired as a prolific striker, he is still a famous football player inscribed in the heart of football lovers. Different with traditional impressions in people, Gerd Müller was short, squat, awkward-looking and not very fast on football fields. For the sake of short legs, he could turn suddenly with a good balance in spaces and speeds while other football players will fall over for a suddenly turn.

When he was young, Gerd Müller show great interests in football. In 1861, Gerd Müller, a German professional football player, began his club career. For all outstanding and fabulous performances at competitions, he was nicknamed the “The Nation’s Bomber” or “Der Bomber”. In 1970, he was awarded the title of European Footballer of the Year. At the FIFA World Cup in 1970, he won ten goals for his team. Besides, he was also a winner of Golden Boot for his competitive ability in scoring for his team. As the nickname “The Nation’s Bomber” indicating, Gerd Müller’s status and honors show that he is always the most dazzling and attractive super star.